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Caucasus Center
of Peace - Making
(CCPMI), Armenia

of activity
CCPMI points out the necessity of uniting the public to counterbalance political speculations on existing conflicts, contributing to the formation of public need for peace and restoration of good-neighborly relations in the South Caucasus, discussion of ways of settling "frozen" conflicts on the basis of human rights and freedoms.

The organization recognizes the importance of maintaining friendly relationship; close contacts, constructive dialogue as well as peace-making initiatives with the similar structures operating in the neighboring countries.

Our priorities are citizensí active involvement and peacemaking aimed to promotion of civic dialogue and restoration of neighborly relations. Within these two formats we try to move gradually from talks about territorial claims and confrontation to respect for human rights and basic freedoms. We try to involve the largest possible number of citizens in order to prevent or minimize hostility between peoples and political exploitation of it; we try to consolidate the social demand for good neighborly relations and to form social demand for guaranteed peace.

CCPMI conducts public awareness activities, organized rallies, discussions, meetings, conferences and performances.

South Caucasus Integration: Alternative Start
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