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Dear colleages! Dear brothers and sisters! With pain in our hearts we learn what is happening in South Ossetia, Georgia.

Irrespective of the fierce filtering of news from this region on the part of the Georgian and Russian official structures, we received and continue receiving alternative information about what is taking place in reality from journalists, bloggers, human rights activists and ordinary citizens who are not indifferent about the events in South Ossetia, Georgia.

We are shocked about unprecedented lies that are circulating around the news of this conflict, which we believe only increased the gap between these brotherly peoples.

We are witnessing not only a bloody conflict, in which many innocent people have suffered, but also a powerful news war, which impact all of us and which is beginning to divide us.

Due to the powerful media war, anti-Georgian sentiment is growing in Russian, and anti-Russian sentiment in Georgia.

Such actions on the part of military and political figures can lead to conflict, not only in the Caucasus, but in all of our countries with the saddest of consequences.

We are concerned by the murder of journalists, who were carrying out their professional duties in this region. We are concerned by the actions of uncontrollable masses of looters. We are concerned that the region can find itself in a humanitarian catastrophe.

In such a situation, it is essential that the voice of global civil society should be heard by leaders, politicians and military leaders.

We urge the civil society of Georgia, South Ossetia, Russia and worldwide to assess the military actions, to give a civic and social assessments of the actions of the ruling powers and the military forces in the conflict zone.

We urge not only politicians, but civil society in the conflicting areas to discuss these issues peacefully. Politicians alone cannot resolve this, and we have never seen them discuss. It is essential that societies themselves, tired of suffering, learn to dictate their will to the authorities.

We urge you to defend peace in the Caucasus!

21 - 08 - 2008

1. Almaz Kalet,
"Tamga-News", Kyrgyzstan;

2. Dinara Oshyrakhunova,
Coalition for Democracy
and Civil Society, Kyrgyzstan;

3. Ulugbek Babakulov,
the editor-in-chief newspaper
"Freedom Voice", Kyrgyzstan;

4. Marat Tokoev,
Public fund "Journalist", Kyrgyzstan;

5. Abdumomun Mamaraimov,
journalist, Kyrgyzstan;

6. Alla Pyatibratova,
journalist, Kyrgyzstan;

7. Azamat Tunaev,
the editor-in-chief newspaper
"Komsomolskaya Pravda - Кyrgyzstan";

8. Abdumalik Sharipov,
press-secretary NGO "Spravedlivost",

9. Timur Shaikhutdinov,
Альянс либеральной молодежи
"Свободное поколение", Kyrgyzstan;

10. Azinjan Askarov,
NGO "Vozdukh", Kyrgyzstan;

11. Pavel Gromsky,
www.job-migrant.org, Public fund
"TseONIS", Kyrgyzstan;

12. Jyldyz Bekbaeva,
journalist, Kyrgyzstan;

13. Alishet Toksonbeav,
journalist, Kyrgyzstan;

14. Sakhira Nazarova,
journalist,, Kyrgyzstan;

15. Irina Grabovska,
journalist, the independent on-line
"Politikantrop", Kiev, Ukraine;

16. Adyljan Shamshiev,
NGO "BINGO", Kyrgyzstan;

17. Maxim Kuleshov,
NGO "Mir - svet kul'tura", Kyrgyzstan;

18. Janna Saralaeva,
Association "Women - Leaders
Jalal - Abat", Kyrgyzstan;

19. Abduvalieva Gylfira,
The Crisis Center "Кaniet", Kyrgyzstan;

20. Asya Sasukbaeva,
NGO "Interbilim', Kyrgyzstan;

21. Asulbek Eshiev,
The centre of gender formation
at Osh the state legal institute, Kyrgyzstan;

22. Ilim Karupbekov,
Media Commissioner Institute,

23. Burul Usmanalieva,
the sociologist, Kyrgyzstan;

24. Valetina Gritsenko,
NGO "Spravedlivost'", Kyrgyzstan;

25. Burul Makenbaeva,
NGO " Mental health and a society",

26. Svetlana Bashtovenko,
The Resource Center for Elderly,

27. Nadira Eshmatova,
Youth remedial group, Kyrgyzstan;

28. Nurgul Sharshembieva,
NGO "House of the Journalist",

29. Khamaeva Gulsira,
journalist, newspaper "Za ugol",

30. Kaparova Jamilya,
NGO "Ensan Diamond',Kyrgyzstan;

31. Toktosunova Ruskyl,
NGO "Health and youth formation
in 21 century", Kyrgyzstan;

32. Alla Kotlyar,
a weekly journal observer
"The Mirror of week", Украина;

33. Mattias Eriksson,
Lund, Швеция;

34. Umarova Elmira,
NGO "Ulubka",Kyrgyzstan;

35. Victoria Ivleva-Yorke,
journalist, «Novaya Gazeta", Россия;

36. Madeleine Reeves,
University of Manchester, UK;

37. Zhalil Saparov,
chairman Public fund "Regional
association of journalists", Kyrgyzstan;

38. Zamir Osorov,
journalist, newspaper "MSN", Kyrgyzstan;

39. Jeenalu kambaraliev,
director "Asia-TV ", Kyrgyzstan;

40. Nazgul Turdubekova,
NGO "League of protection of the rights
of the child", Kyrgyzstan;

41. Svetlana Varavina,
NGO "Hope and the World", Kyrgyzstan;
You can join to list.
For more information
please contact:
Almaz Kalet,
journalist "Tamga-News"
Dinara Oshyrakhunova,
Coalition for Democracy
and Civil Society

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42. Vahe Avetian
FFA-Armenia Washington. DC, USA
Автор: Vahe Avetian | 2008-08-22   

43. Малхаз Чемия
Институт по Проблемам Меньшинств и Беженцев, Тбилиси
Автор: chemiam@hotmail.com | 2008-08-22   

44. Nadejda Atayeva
President of the Association "Human Rights in Central Asia", France
Автор: Nadejda Atayeva | 2008-08-22   

45. Georgi Vanyan
Caucasus Center of Peace-Making Initiatives, Armenia
Автор: vanyan@southcaucasus.com | 2008-08-22   

46. Luiza Poghosyan
www.southcaucasus.com editor, Armenia
Автор: luiza@southcaucasus.com | 2008-08-22   

47. Аваз Гасанов
Директор Общества Гуманитарных Исследований
Автор: avazyh@yahoo.com | 2008-08-23   

48. Maxim Klimenko
the editor-in-chief independent newspaper "Vest'", Kyrgyzstan

49. Ramiz Meshedihasanli
the editor-in-chief newspaper "TURKEL" (Kyrgyzstan) and "VATAN"(Kazakhstan)

50. Khokum Khalilov
newspaper "TURKEL" (Kyrgyzstan) and "VATAN"(Kazakhstan) and international magazine "Altyn kopru"

51. Elena Myatieva
journalist, Turkmenistan

52. Svitlana Odynets
journalist, Lviv, Ukraine

53. Алма Бектурганова-Андерсен, Дания
Автор: . | 2008-08-24   

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