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South Caucasus
Anna Tavakalyan


Anna Tavakalyan
Anna Tavakalyan
student of RAU
Master-class of
Alekper Aliyev
If you remember, when neighbour’s children were playing a game of building houses in the yard or puttering about in the sands, one of the children used to seize another’s toy or destroy the sand house. This brought about loud cries, noise and tears!

Mothers were the first to interfere in this trivial misunderstanding. Mothers used to quarrel or even curse each other. Afterwards, other mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, friends of the family and neighbours interfered. In the end, because of a toy, the house built out of sand, the residents of the two blocks used to become fierce enemies. As a matter of fact, children cry two or three minutes, calm down and start playing their games again. It is natural that if adults permit then they will become reconciled and be friends again.

In the meantime, being more childish than children themselves, parents will stop greeting each other still a long time and will try to inculcate in their children hatred for their neighbours by making enmity still deeper. How do you think our children’s future will be if brought up in such a way? Does it really matter what causes two neighbours become enemies? What is more important is that it is their parents who brought them up in such a way. As for us, we are very obedient children, thus, implicitly observing and obeying the instructions and orders of our parents.

To have a good memory is not such a positive phenomenon, as we generally think. The echoes of 90s are still fresh, as if these bloody events occurred only yesterday. The reason is in the incessant propaganda of hatred. At this point it is not the parents but we ourselves who fight for the sand in the sand-box, for our land. Undoubtedly, it is all exercised under tactful leadership and control of our parents. Why? What is it that we are in no condition to share?

Unfortunately, adults do not ask us, the youth, what we think of and how we treat their games of war. Our desires as to what we really want are of no interest to anybody. As long as they consider that they know better than we what is good and what is bad. Having made the war our destiny and fate, they doomed us to lifelong enmity. The younger generation of our countries know by birth that a nation of enemy is residing across the neighbouring border. We are taught to behave ourselves cautiously and always be on the look-out. Hundreds of thousands of proofs and arguments are brought to answer the question like why people living on the other side are our enemies.

We are required to be ready for death. I am unable to understand why I should die. What are our years? What did we see to die for the sake of any idea? Perhaps we are of the age to understand and realize the deep meaning of this idea? If I had only a single idea then I would prefer living peacefully without war and bloodshed.

I consider that it is high time out generation expressed itself and viewed its point. Perhaps, we need to shout and tell the whole world that we do not want wars; that we wish to live in peace and order. I wonder if anyone will ever hear our voices.

I am confident, I am certain that much depends on us.

Anna Tavakalyan
Published in Azerbaijanian