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South Caucasus


The Festival is an island of secure environment for direct communication surrounded by the conditions of distorted human values, and propaganda that poisons healthy civilized relations.
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November 12, at 4 p.m.
November 13, at 2 p.m
Festival competition program

Duration: 1 hour 33 min.

There is only one - the Audience sympathy award – determined through viewers votes.

November 13, at 2 p.m
Out-of-competition program

Special feature film presentation. Duration: 1 hr 28 min. Discussion.


"STOP" Azerbaijanian film festival is an exclusive opportunity to get acquainted with the best examples of contemporary Azerbaijani cinematography.
Project is supported by
US Embassy in Armenia
Festival Prehistory through


The address of Azerbaijanian film festival in Armenia was changed.

Festival will pass at 1 Pavstos Biuzand Blvd (Vernissage, near the Center for Contemporary Experimental Art)

Georgi Vanyan


I apologize to the audience and assure that we will continue making efforts for this festival to happen. In particular, we will continue to create an atmosphere of open and direct communication in spite of the current propaganda and terror aimed at distorting human values and denying healthy civilized relations.

Georgi Vanyan


«STOP» Azerbaijani Film Festival in Armenia has been blocked as a result of a terror and blackmailing carried out by pressure groups that try to disguise their actions by an alleged "wave of public outrage."

The organizers and potential viewers of the festival receive threats of physical revenge through the internet and phone. Those who threaten disseminate information about planned actions of vandalism and terror to take place during the festival. At the same time the festival is blocked by blackmailing and putting pressure on the owners of the premises rented by our organization. In all these cases people are so scared that they refuse to provide any information about the blackmailers.

Several mass media outlets and individuals are involved in this anti-festival campaign. They actively disseminate false information and libel about the activities of the Caucasus Center of Peace-Making Initiatives (CCPMI). The pressure on people related to CCPMI increases every day. Thus, an article in "Iravunk" newspaper (09/11/2010) entitled “Who promotes and assists the Azerbaijani propaganda in Armenia?” published personal information (biographies and names) of the organizations and individuals that have been cooperating with CCPMI at different periods. The article “promises” to get more details about these citizens. Moreover, this publication disseminates absolute lie about the activities of these organizations and individuals associated with CCPMI.

On November 12, 2010, the day when the Azerbaijani Film Festival in Armenia was blocked, another event took place. The event was called “Hatred towards Armenians in Turkish and Azerbaijani cinema" and was organized by people leading the harassment campaign on the Internet (through publishing insults and death threats) directed not only against the organizers but also against those who have expressed a desire to attend the “STOP” festival. Later on in different social networks and blogs the same campaign made attempts to draw parallels between the films shown under the slogan "Hatred towards Armenians in Turkish and Azerbaijani cinema” with the films that the “STOP” Festival is planning to show or has allegedly shown. When responding to the inquiries about the “STOP” Film Festival provocateurs upload the links to their films and footage from the event specially organized to discredit the Azerbaijani Film Festival in Armenia.

At the same time a number of public and political figures as well as some NGOs protested against the organization of the “STOP” Azerbaijani Film Festival in Armenia. As a rule, these statements do not contain information about the obstacles that the festival organizers had to face or about the reasons of not opening the festival on November 12 as scheduled.

I state with all the responsibility that those ordering illegal activities carried out by pressure groups under the guise of social protest are provoking terrorism. They use maximalist moods of youth that can cause spontaneous violence. This poses a threat to the public order and security of citizens who has consistently been turned into a target of hatred.

Georgi Vanyan


Under the current circumstances of continued provocations and large-scale libel campaign carried out by almost all Armenian media (TV and the press) aimed at
- creating a public uproar
- silencing illegal actions (blackmailing and provoking terrorism) used for blocking the «STOP» Azerbaijani Film Festival in Armenia as an open and public event,

the Caucasus Center of Peace-Making Initiatives announces pre-festival days of Azerbaijanian films in Armenia.

Meetings and discussions will be held with all the interested citizens, organizations and informal groups. They will get an opportunity to become acquainted with the films of the festival.

For participation and collaboration:

Georgi Vanyan

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