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South Caucasus
Participants of the Ossetian-Georgian Citizens Forum
V. Dzutstsati, A. Meskhi, G. Bierbauer, I. Hugenbum, M. Meshvildishvili, A. Gassiev, S. Parastaev, T. Tskhovrebov, Z. Bendiashvili

The Ossetian-Georgian Citizens Forum is established by Initiative Group in Yerevan, RA, Nov. 2007, with the main view of - to promote dialog for the purpose of Restore Relations between the sides of Georgian-Ossetian Conflict.


The participants of Working Meeting of Ossetian-Georgian Citizens Forum, confirm their adherence to Conflict Peaceful Setllement and announce of their consolidate intention to facilitate and help along to:

Promote socio-economical living conditions for Conflict Zone inhabitants. Particularly, in the sphere of medicine, have been decided to organize Mobile Medical Center with mixed (Ossetian-Georgian) brigades, for urgent medical aid.

Guarantees for Humans Rights Protection: the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of Movement. Free, with out restrictions approach to information. Free movement (travel) on the roads, joint the population of Conflict Zone with each other and with outer world.

Provide contacts between various social groups.

Return of Refugees.

Development of Civil Society – in whole, as a Result of our activity.

Take into account the current situation in Zone of Conflict, Forum participants appeal to the Conflicting Sides, Governments and International Organizations, maximum activate their energies on the way of recreation of peaceful coexistence and settlement, on the basis of Legitimacy and International Law.

Sarmat Parastaev
Marina Meshvildishvili
Timur Tskhovrebov
Aleko Meskhi
Vladimir Dzutstsati
Timur Arbolashvili

22 Signs of participants.

Acceptance of Declaration:
29.03.08, Ankara (Turkey).
Ankara Forum’s practical necessity lie in the context of deep stalemate in Georgian – Ossetian Conflict. Assume, that one of the main obstacle for making a step toward reducing the risks of conflict escalation and exist the basemant for practical realisation of peace initiatives - is profound lack of openness in Oss-Geo Negotiations and public debates. e.g. Ossetian and Georgian Businessmen and Agricultural Group report the Problem of Free Trade and Closed Roads etc. Medicals urgent and practically feasible preposition to arrainge Mobile Medical Centre for Urgent Aid. This Center is presumed to be settled on the border with Georgian enclaves of South Ossetia. Forum give us an opportunity to discuss how could we give a perspective way out – how georgian and ossetian citisenz see it. How we may manage with this problems, which not seperate us, but consolidate. Should consolidate, if we wan to live in intellectually developing and socially sustainable society. And, we were thinking, what the first steps-activities should be.

Forum’s importance of current political moment, is that, all peace initiatives – it does not matter, whom they are coming from, will face big difficulties if Ossetian and Georgian Citisenz in Conflict Zone will be not in Dialog Process with each other and with the initiative side (it may be Government, or International Institution or NGO). Last and the most concrete proposal concern unrecognised states, is of President Putin: “ON THE COMMISSIONS OF THE PRESIDENT of Russia to the government of the Russian Federation with the respect to Abkhaziya and SouthOssetia” 501.16.04.08.. There is a talk, about lagislative and economical support to “inhabitants of two Repuplics” in concern to International Law... It means – all people of RepSouthOssetia, include georgians. And how we could realise this, urgently needed plan, without dialog – discussion meanings and possibility of plan with each other? Putin’s Plan for Unrecognised, provide socio-economical support and may reduce the military constrain between Geogians and Ossetians in South Ossetia. But, without Georgians and Ossetian involvment in process of Conflict Rеsolution Zone, we have little chances finished with Life in Conflict Zone.