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South Caucasus


Varditer Mkrtchyan
Varditer Mkrtchyan
RAU student
Master-class of Elmir Mirzoev
Literally, in April of the present year I attended the play “The Broken Chain” staged by a Russian dramatic theatre after Stanislavski. The play was based on the script to the movie “Chain Bound” written by American writers R. Smith and N. Douglas. It was a story about an escape of two prisoners from distant Siberian prison who were put into irons. But for the national affiliation of the main heroes, the plot of the play would not have been so meaningful and significant and would not have caused an appropriate interest. By luck or due to somebody’s joke the main heroes turned out to be Armenian and Azerbaijanian.

The value of the play lies in the fact that the audience witnesses the disappearance of mutual hatred and the stereotype of enemy. Perhaps friendship was still impossible, but at this point it is not very important, but the fact that there is no hatred matters much. This poison and destructive feeling vanished away, it abandoned the heroes. The first step was made; in future everything will be much simpler …

The story of the heroes was not the only of its kind. The circumstances for our nations dictated that willy-nilly we have to live side by side outside our countries on a “neutral territory”. In foreign countries we turn out to be in fact “bound with one chain”. We are called neither “you are an Armenian” nor “you are an Azerbaijanian”. Instead, we are very often addressed “you are Caucasians”.

All of us grew tired of meaningless and dull enmity and blind hatred. Co-existence of our nations is possible. And it is inevitable. We are neighbors. And as is well known neighbors are not chosen. It is high time to meet each other half-way and come to the common denominator, mutual understanding and cooperation. Above all young generation suffers from this enmity.One doesn’t have to instill and inculcate hatred and enmity; it is time to stop prejudices. It is true that there was a war. The two sides sustained damage. The two nations went through these dreadful and bloody years. Hardly anyone will ever wish to experience the same horror again. We should keep our children away from possible danger. They don’t have to answer for our deeds, moreover, for our errors.

It is time to break off the useless chain binding our two nations. The sooner, the better.

Varditer Mkrtchyan