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South Caucasus
Inessa Dimidkova


Inessa Dimidkova
Inessa Dimidkova
student of RAU
Master-class of
Alekper Aliyev
Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia are three neighbouring states of the South Caucasus. This is true, we are neighbours, but as a far as I know, neighbours should live in peace, support, assist and help each other. The situation which exists in our region has nothing to do with the ethics of neighborhood. Now it is time to leave the problems existing in Georgia and draw our attention at least to our longstanding conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

I hope you do not consider me too ignorant to understand the degree of seriousness of the existing events and that I shut my eyes to it. Still it is impossible to see the problem between the two nations which has been existing for already twenty years and which is growing more and more day in and day out. One cannot but be well-informed of all these. The situation experienced by both of the nations was firmly fixed in our consciousness and heart. The result is evident. One day an Azerbaijanian is an enemy to an Armenian, the other day an Armenian is an enemy to an Azerbaijanian.

The question which I am mostly concerned about is how long this enmity will last. This enmity put down such deeper roots which brought about land and territorial quarrels. Does anyone ever think that this enmity cannot last for ever? I wonder if Armenians will calm down if all Azerbaijanians will be slaughtered. I wonder if Azerbaijanians will be happy if the nation called “Armenians” will disappear from the Earth. Personally I do not want to see a sea of blood. Will this help the solution of the problem? What will we benefit by new deaths, near tears and what will it change? Nothing …

There is only one way out for the solution of the conflict. That is, real steps and measures aimed at holding peaceful negotiations and cessation of creation of an image of an enemy. Being an Armenian or an Azerbaijanian and belonging to this or that religion plays no role in the modern world. The world did solve these problems long time ago, while we are still thinking based on medieval categories.

The Armenian and Azerbaijan youth ought to understand that they cannot live with the past, one ought to live in the present. We ought to look ahead so as not to feel ashamed of our future generations, not to feel guilty before them, so that our descendants can take pride in us. By slaughtering each other we cannot be a model for the youth, the future of our countries. We ourselves ought to solve the existing problems arisen between us and hand down a legacy of a peaceful life to our future generations. My own big dream is that at least one Armenian could safely and quietly visit Azerbaijan, while an Azerbaijanian could safely and quietly arrive in Armenia.

Still, when we are outside our region, all of us have one common name, that is, a Caucasian. We are similar externally, by characters and way of thinking. This fact imposes certain duties on us. Perhaps, it is high time we thought about it?

I do hope that the young people nowadays will succeed in destroying the image of an enemy and we, being the representatives of a younger generation, will exert a maximum effort to settle this conflict.

Inessa Dimidkova
Published in Azerbaijanian