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South Caucasus
Mock Trial

South Caucasus Mock Court on Human Rights has been worked out as a part of common program of South Caucasus Mock trials and Civic hearings in cooperation with Alliance of Women for Civil Society, Azerbaijan, and Caucasian Center of Civil Hearings, Georgia. Since June 2008 Caucasus Center of Peace-Making Initiatives has become participant of civil hearings and mock trials carried out in the framework of the me «Spreading experience of civil hearings» program, the author of which is Prof. Niyazi Mehti. The representatives of our organization and experts from Armenia had the opportunity not just to take part directly in hearings and trials and to consult with the author of the program but they also held working meetings with Azerbaijanian and Georgian colleagues during which done work had been analysed and the ways of the development of the program had been laid down.

The project is directed to adaptation of experience of our Azerbaijanian colleagues on holding inner mock trials on human rights, on testing of methodology of interactive events worked out by them, on creating worker's group (experts, public figures, students), having necessary knowledge and skills for efficient participation on trials and hearings as in South Caucasus format so in spreading of this activity in Armenia.

The project is provided for holding Mock trials and hearings on actual problems of democracy and human rights protection, aimed at creation of necessary conditions for open, professional and at the same time generally accessible discussion of existed problems and the ways of their solving. The project is missioned to assist to increase citizens' being kept legally informed, to activate civil participation in human rights' activity in Armenia.

The project can become one of the links of regional integration and peacemaking processes in South Caucasus, as it will give possibility of collective work for representatives of countries of South Caucasia and it will contribute to mutual recognition and creation of common sphere of communication. Caucasus Center of Peace- Making Initiatives invites all interested persons to participate in the project.