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South Caucasus
In a way both countries’ politicians preferred such an atmosphere because they were afraid of fighting with dogmas, stereotypes and taboos... ...It was easier for them to convince themselves and their people that these dogmas were the virtual realities.
Irakli Chikhladze

Nursun Erel

Born in Ankara, graduated from Political Science Faculty’s School of Journalism section, started journalism in Anatolian News Agency, her before experiences:

Anatolian News Agency: 1980-1982 Correspondent, TERCUMAN Daily News Paper: 1982-1989 Political Correspondent, Finance Ministry (Adviser to Minister Adnan Kahveci-1989-1991, Prime Ministry (Adviser to Deputy Prime Minister Tansu Chiller-1991-1993.

CUMHURIYET Daily News Paper: 1993-1995- Political correspondent, MILLIYET Daily News Paper: 1995-1996-Political correspondent.

CHANNEL D TV:1996-2004 Ankara Representative-political correspondent-political news editor, NOKTA Political Weekly: 2004-2005 Ankara Representative, political columnist.

Now: THE NEW ANATOLIAN: Editor-Political Correspondent, TRT RADIO 1: Independent Commentator.

- Tansu Ciller’in Siyaset Romani (Bilgi Yayinevi 1994-Ankara)
- Hamambocegi Sendromu (Remzi Yayinevi 2002 Istanbul).