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South Caucasus


Seymur Baijan

To be unique

I dislike monotony, I can’t stand it. A man should be interesting. Behaviour, clothes, the way of moving and speaking are of great importance. Be unique and original, live originally, do whatever you wish but do it originally. Do not go with the stream and do not make an ordinary common man. A man should derive originality from Nature, if he is unable or forgets to derive it. Then it will be too late to look for his originality.

To love
but within limits

Love a woman and do your best to win her heart, but as soon as she says: I love you, all will lose its value and interest. I am vexed by these unwritten laws of our ancestors. Thus, one week is required to get acquainted with a girl, another week is spent on speaking with her on telephone, one week is needed to propose to her, another week is good for walks together, and one more week will give you a chance to hold by her hand and a week later you can consider that you are already and formally dating with her. Who cares for these “agonizing” formalities? Instead, I would have written a few articles and received fees.

One ought to work and achieve success, the rest will come by itself. If you love, then do love, if you do not love – say “good bye”.

To be born
but not in the Caucasus

It is one of the painful questions for me. I wish I could turn the time back so that I was born again but not in the Caucasus. It could be Denmark, for example. I would feel better there. There would be no conflicts, international problems or confrontations. There would be ideal conditions for creative work.

To speak but with those
who do understand

I dislike the ones who speak in order to speak. It often happens during seminars. Some people are trying to fill up the non-existent originality. Let us take journalists, for example. They come and take an interview from you and ask you similar questions. No, one should speak to those who do understand.

To work little, but earn much

Throughout all your life you should do your best to be clever enough to work as less as possible and earn as much as possible. It is indeed bad and pitiful when you are engaged in something which does not appeal to you, regardless of the fact how much you earn. Once again I declare – work less and earn much. This can be possible if you are engaged in your favourite work.

To live but live
in an interesting way

This is regardless of everything. Appreciate any second, any minute. One does not have to become mature and adult before time, for this reason our girls do not have to become “aunts” and our boys do not have to become “uncles”. What are we after? Take a walk, go to a disco. Do not take everything seriously to your heart. Do smile!

Written by A. Vardanyan, T. Danielyan
Seymur Baijan in the class