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South Caucasus
Tekali is the closest settlement to the intersection of the borders with Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. It is situated in the lowlands, the most remote house in the village overlooks Azerbaijan and Armenian positions located in the hills. The border of Armenia and Azerbaijan has the Line of Contact status today.

Tekali is 70 km away from Tbilisi, 10 km from the Georgia-Azerbaijan Red Bridge checkpoint, and 29 km from the Sadakhlo Georgia-Armenia border crossing.

The village of Tekali is under the administration of the Kachagani Marneuli district, a province of Kvemo-Kartli.
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The lack of freedom of speech, the apathy of citizens, an escalation of tension in the "frozen" conflicts, extremism and panic, closed borders, and the problem of the media and NGOs contaminated with the idea of pushing their nominal national interests is the reality of our region.

Peace and security in the South Caucasus can only be achieved by an openness in conflict zones, freedom of speech, breaking taboos in dialogue and actions, and the unification of human rights and peacekeeping resources.

Peace and security in the region can only be achieved by initiating political alternatives in terms of conflict resolution and regional integration.

Under such circumstances, the protection of human rights and peacemaking are only possible with actions to restore the existing potential for regional unity.
Tekali viillage, boy


The special status of a center for regional integration and peace should be assigned to Tekali.

Tekali is a venue where conferences and meetings on the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict and regional projects, held nowadays on neutral territory, can be moved to.

Tekali is a place where meetings can be organized and people can communicate without being confined to specific projects.

Tekali is about open dialogue on poignant and sensitive issues. It is about establishing the basis for the Congress of citizens of the South Caucasus.

Tekali is a new informational field. It is about reporting on peacekeeping activities to facilitate the accountability of NGOs to citizens.

Tekali is about the protection of human rights and freedoms on a regional level. It is about establishing the South Caucasus Institute of the Ombudsman.
Tekali, child


Moving planned and existing regional projects such as seminars, conferences, exhibitions and concerts etc. to Tekali.

Mobilization of resources to address social problems in Tekali and revive the institution of self-management.

Enabling tools for cross-border cooperation with Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Attracting business projects to Tekali.

Creating the necessary conditions to ensure sustainability as a Peace Center i.e. setting up a camp as well as opening a cinema, exhibition hall, internet cafe, and library.
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