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Veysel Cihan Hizar
Bilgi Diren Gunes

2009, documentary, 7'30'

Veysel Cihan Hizar. Born in Şanlıurfa, in 1978. He worked at radio in local area for 12 years. He also dealt with photographing in these years he worked at radio. His photos have been published in several magazines, national and and ranked in national and international exhibits. He has been performing in sanliurfa theatre group and also worked there as a technic director He is studying menagershipat Istanbul kultur university.

Bilgi Diren Gunes. Born in Erzincan, in 1980. Studied Graphic& Advertisement for two years. Has taken part in many photography exhibitions. Worked as a photographer for several press associations. Currently, works for a newspaper and studies Cinema-Tv at Kültür University with scholarship.
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Savash Baykal

2009, fiction, 15'

Savash Baykal. Born in Diyarbakır, in 1978. He completed his high school education in Ankara. He then graduated from Hacettepe University Fine Arts Academy, Department of Painting. He received a scholarship for language studies in Dusseldorf Germany and following his education embarked on his ambition that is Cinema in 2005.

His first short film THE BLACK HOLE AND THE MARBLES (KARA DELİK VE BİLYELER) earned many first prizes. Throughout the following years, his 14 short films, featuring subjects such as the individual’s contradictions with society, the passion to live on and joyful quirky states we are in, continued to gain prominent success locally and internationally. He is currently shooting his feature - length film TASTE OF POETRY (ŞİİRİN TADI) for which he earned sponsorship from the Culture Ministry under the Script Development category.
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Gamze Hakverdi

2007, animation, 2'30'

Gamze Hakverdi. Born in Ankara, in 1982. She received her bachelor's degree from Baskent University Faculty of Communications. She attended New York Film Academy's Digital Filmmaking program. Since 2007 she works as a Research Assistant in Hacettepe University's Faculty of Communications.
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Okan Gokalp

2009, documentary, 1'

Okan Gokalp. Born in Agri, in 1985. My primary and secondary education was completed in Iskenderun. Dicle University Faculty of Law in 2003.He graduated from the faculty of Law in 2007. Currently, the Law is registered to Bursa Bar Association. Dicle University in Diyarbakir and the cinema club was involved in the cinema club. Association in 2007 and the 16mm Cinema Studio Cinema İnSanat joined. Two films made under İnSanat. Currently is a member of the Association İnSanat Cinema.
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Daghan Celayir

2009, fiction, 13'44'

Daghan Celayir. Born in Istanbul, in 1978. He grew up in US, Belgium and mostly in Turkey. After studying visual arts, film production and literature and image, he started to produce video art installations and short films. He was selected among 200 artists worldwide to receive the UNESCO artist in residency in Australia, Bundanon.

After producing and directing his first 3 –mm short film, The One Note Man, he became the most award winner short film director in Turkey. With 28 prizes in 82 international competition appearances, including Valladolid, Los Angeles, Paris, Cannes and Rotterdam International Film Festivals, and theatrical and TV distributions in France, Japan and US, he became an internationally acclaimed short film director. Daghan Celayir joined Filmpark film and media productions in Istanbul as a director and he is determined to show the same success with commercials.
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Irmak Sueri

2010, fiction, 5'11'

Irmak Sueri. Born in Istanbul, in 1985... I ‘ve been studying my fourth grade at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Academy. I made 4 short films and a documentary.
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Sercan Kule

2008, fiction, 3'51'

Sercan Kule. I was born in 1990. I’ve been studying Istanbul Arel University. My department is Radio, Cinema and TV.
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Imdat Serhat Karaaslan

2009, fiction, 2'30'

Imdat Serhat Karaaslan. Born in Varto, in 1984. He graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Istanbul University. He studies towards a master degree on Film and Drama at Kadir Has University since 2009. He works as a pharmacist and he professionally makes his own movies.
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Gokhan Evecen

2009, fiction, 18'

Gokhan Evecen. Born in Hatay, in 1981. He completed his primery and high school education in Hatay. He started to study on cinema and TV in Dokuz Eylül university art faculty in 2000. Also he attended many internal and external workshop. He have been living and going on his cinema studies in İstanbul since 2004.
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Nail Pelivan

2009, experimental / human rights, 2'25'

Nail Pelivan. Born in Ayvalik, in 1986. He makes short films. He’s an editor and a cameraman. Education: Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Cinema - TV Department.