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South Caucasus
Georgi Vanyan, interview


Interview with chairman of CCPMI Georgi Vanyan

How do you comment on President Serzh Sargsyan’s visit to Bursa?

I just welcome the visit of Serzh Sargsyan to Bursa and leave comments for court circle political scientists, entrenched in a fortress of power and opposition and the adjacent public servants, as de Gaulle said - the politicians.

Ankara's official position is clear. Turkey's top leaders have repeatedly stated that without the settlement of the Karabakh issue, the normalization of Armenia-Turkey relations is impossible. Will Yerevan take a constructive step and return the Azerbaijani territories or leave warmed relations with Turkey "in the middle"?

I have often repeated and I am committed to my belief that settlement of Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict is basis of settlement of the Armenian-Turkish and the Armenian-Georgian relations, and a key to a civilized settlement of existing problems.

Resolution of Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict will help normalize not only bilateral relations between Armenia and its neighbors, but also a new good-neighborly way of life will be set up in the region, and in this new dynamics the South Caucasian trio with a geopolitical factor may be part of the world space. Only in this case, the South Caucasus will change the status constantly torn between an object on the trinity of sovereign entities.

This perspective can be saved if Armenia refuses belated, imposed and controlled "resolution the conflict with Azerbaijan." We have a clear path to resolving the conflict, without dictation and without intermediaries. Observers? Let be. For example, Georgia. The entire civilized world. The more observers, friends, the better. Armenia may refuse gradual extinction and choose the good-neighborliness. Armenia has this resource, I'm sure.

Immediately after the publication of the Armenian-Turkish protocols on the normalization of relations, the Armenian diaspora, the opposition, a number of NGOs urged not to sign the above-mentioned protocols, arguing that they have several negative results for the Armenian people and the country. But the protocols were signed. What positive and negative consequences await Armenia if the border is opened?

In the case of the Armenian diaspora, I do not agree with your wording. There were protests by some circles of the diaspora and from a number of organizations. But during the recent events the assumptions that the entire diaspora unanimously professes Dashnaks were shattered.

In reality, the Armenian diaspora has sufficient capacity and a will to support Armenia in the settlement of relations with its neighbors. But the signal and impetus for this must come from Armenia itself, but this signal and the impulse are still preserved in citizens of Armenia who still keep silence. While the socio-political shout is occupied by "patriots" – products of militarized Dashnakism, they will join their patriotic colleagues from the diaspora.

Once Armenian citizens voice a real desire to live in a good-neighborly conditions and as soon as this preserved desire transforms into a social needs of the world, real voice of the real diaspora will be heard and we will feel the real support.

As for the opening of borders, in this case, let's leave all to the classics: if my aunt were a man, I would have called her uncle.

Yerevan, even after the Swiss Foreign Ministry statement, did not comment on the date of signing of the protocols. What can be the reason?

Yerevan has been dashnakized and now cautious attempt is being made to transform dashnakized Yerevan into an official Yerevan. These half-steps still hang in the air. If the attempt turns into action, it will be a step to return to the alienated and while holding the silence citizens. If not, we have already undegone it - the peace party of Serzh Sargsyan will leave in order to open the way for the war party of Levon Ter-Petrosyan. Everything will be under accompaniment of Bolero Ravel, the same thing in different incarnations.

But what about the people and Armenia identified with Yerevan? I would not say that Armenia has rebelled, but there is preconditions for it. For a human being who went through deprivation and deceit for past 21 years, there is a chance to clean his house and his life. There is a chance to get rid of adventurers, constantly changing the mask of peace and war. Chance to prevent another criminal war. Chance to dispose of their future.