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South Caucasus


South Caucasus
Citizens Congress
The civil initiative of South Caucasus Integration: Alternative start within the frameworks of the Report adopted in July 2006 in a six-sided format convenes a conference of citizens of South Caucasus.

All interested citizens of South Caucasus, local and international organizations, including the representatives of Diaspora of nations of South Caucasus are invited to assist in the preparation of the Congress.


To put forward problems of the society being in the state of the so-called “frozen conflicts”.

The use of already existing and the creation of new mechanisms, expand and raise the participation of the society to a new quality level in the processes of the settlement of conflicts.

The creation of a system of public control over the processes within the political dialog and the activity of NGO operating in the sphere of overcoming conflicts and reconciliation.

Drafting of a specific activity program of public institutes as regard the settlement of the conflicts.

To put forward specific proposals for the governments of the countries of the region and international structures and organization operating in the region as regards the effective utilization of peacemaking potentials of the society.

Caucasus Center of Peace-Making Initiatives

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The principles of the activities for preparation and holding
of the Congress

1. The Congress itself is not regarded as the key stage of the realization of the idea (that is, the presence of all the participants in one place and at the same time). The basis of the congress is to be the activity of its preparation. The congress of the citizens as a living body is to be formed and organized prior to the holding of the meeting of its participants.

2. To ensure the creation of the communicational field for all those people concerned. To develop such a mechanism which can mostly conform not to the requirements of the communication as such, but joint operations and exchange of information regarding the main tasks of the Congress.

3. It is necessary to submit proposals regarding the tasks of the congress and according to a specific schedule of its organization: to evaluate own resources and formulate specific proposals with regard to the participation and fulfillment of tasks.

The congress which purports the meeting of all the citizens partaking in its preparation is a civil action. The congress is to be convened in case at the stage of its preparation the participants are firmly convinced that the convocation of the congress can yield real results.

For the first step we also propose to formulate the specific problem, or the question, the solution of which can be found or the solution of which can contribute to a real public support on the entire South Caucasus.

Caucasus Center of Peace-Making Initiatives


Social and humanitarian problems of refugees, forced displacement persons, the participants of war and their families who under the state of “frozen” conflicts are becoming an object of political speculations and at the same time they bear the whole burden of social problems caused by post-conflict situation.

Stereotypes contributing to the formation of public opinion about eternity and insuperability of conflicts and hindering the establishment of a dialog between the conflicting sides.

The absence of cultural and educational policy aimed at overcoming the hostility and animosity, creation of the atmosphere of confidence and trust and upbringing of young people based on principles of respect for cultural traditions and building of future based on the principles of peaceful co-existence and cooperation with neighboring nations.

The absence of public mechanism on the suppression of propaganda of national intolerance, the suppression of insults of national dignity of “enemy nations” in Mass Media and public-political life, the absence of the public reaction to the manifestation of Nazism.

Inactivity of NGOs acting in the reconciliation sphere: the overcoming of problems of point and inconsistent activity in this sphere, the overcoming of problems of “unopenness” and caution in joint projects which many long years have been interpreted as “sensitivity” of problems in international relations and in practice they lead to marginalization of NGO and narrowing of the circle of citizens participating in the dialog.


To attract attention of various strata of society to idea of the Congress.

To systematize the problems and its resolving modes, which are need to civil support.

To hold the public discussion around the problems and to exposure the opinions of different levels of the society.

To search the new ways for lobbing the society issues in regional level.

To mobilize necessary human and material resources, for holding the Congress and to elaborate the strategy and program for ensuring the further activity in the framework of the Congress.


Forum. The will be supplied by Forum and necessary capacity for online interviews. As result the permanent information and opinions exchange will be establish and necessary technical resources will be provided for virtual discussions between representatives from all six points of the project. Forum participants will be personally registered (by local coordinators), but forum will be open for all readers.

Issues Coverage. The journalists in all six points of the project will interview the local political and public persons: governmental representatives, heads of political parties, NGO’s, international structures representatives, refugees, war veterans, the education and art sphere well-known persons. The target of these interviews is to discover the positions, views, opinions of the several society groups about their own contribution to the peacemaking, problems and mistakes in their activity, their own potential and the capacity of the whole society to be more active in regional processes. What is our inner resource for reconciliation? –will be the subtitle of these interviews. Each interview will cover not only one person; it can include the series of interviews, polls, documents etc. The main subject of these journalistic works is the fullest coverage of a theme.

Inner Discussions. The main topic of these discussions will be the Congress issues and goals; possibility/resources of its activity.

It is anticipated to hold several round-tables with follow groups in six project points:
- war participants and refugees,
- human rights NGOs and education system representatives,
- peacemaking NGOs and analytic centers (political analysts),
- journalists,
- art sphere.

The round-tables will be open for all comers. Detailed reports of these discussions will be published in

Internet Conferences. It is anticipated to hold six-side and two side discussions via internet around the same themes with participation the NGOs, war participants and refugees, journalists, artists etc. The framework topics will be specified in base of the local discussions.

The issues and goals of the Congress will be discussed, and the common interest will be adjusted, the problems of each country and each community will be discussed in regional level.

All content of these discussions will be open for visitors.

Summarizing and development. Congress strategy and program will be elaborated. The results of interviews and discussions will be summarized; the priorities of the Congress will be discovered; the Congress documents and resolutions will be created.

As the first step of this stage the experts will introduce their reports and in the common internet sphere of communication these reports will be discussed with each point representatives and later in six-side format. The goal of this brainstorming is to elaboration of strategy and concrete measures for civic activity in each country, within both sides of the conflicts and in regional level.


A strategy for civic participation in conflict resolution process - the way for non stop and wide participation of citizens in conditions developed in each country and each community of South Caucasus

An acting plan, including concrete goals, measures and its step by step realization plan.

Caucasus Center of Peace-Making Initiatives


All interested citizens of South Caucasus, local and international organizations, including the compatriots living outside the region, are invited to participate.

New reality and civil dialogue between Georgia and South Ossetia, Abkhazia:

- keeping the ties and cooperation in humanitarian issues - human rights, information exchange among the journalists and NGOs;
- Armenia and Azerbaijan: the resources of mediation and monitoring in Georgian-Ossetian and Georgian-Abkhazian dialogue, monitoring of situation in conflict zones;
- improving and development informational field in Armenia and Azerbaijan regarding the situation in Georgia, South Ossetia and Abkhazia

Armenia - Georgia: predestined challenges and possible civic participation in removal of threats of good-neighborly relations

Armenia - Azerbaijan: activity limited by political directives and no impact to situation. Where is the territory for civic actions?

You are free to propose any additional subject to the Congress.
You can cover the subjects in articles, reports:
info (at)

Caucasus Center of Peace-Making Initiatives