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South Caucasus

From the very day when independence was declared, the number one question for us remains the formation of sovereign Republic of Armenia, meaning deliverance from the status of a Russian outpost

Georgi Vanyan
Interview Day.Az with chairman of CCPMI Georgi Vanyan

Mr. Vanyan how is the social and political situation in Armenia on the eve of the presidential elections?

The same as it was before it. The society, as it is, consists of estranged citizens, who are busy solving the day-to-day problem of finding bread, now it’s just happening on the background of campaign posters that have flooded Armenia.

Are there any statistics from NGO about which one of the candidates to the post of the president is more popular within the public?

The level of popularity of this or that candidate is decided in a small circle, in now way whatsoever is it formed by a public opinion. And the NGOs that are involved in the pre electoral, electoral and post electoral processes, as a rule are timeserving and politically committed. The electoral campaign in its entirety is more likely to disorient the citizen-voter rather than help him.

And how likely is the possibility of an “Orange Revolution” in Armenia, and is there a possibility of pressuring the opposition, repressions on the election day or during the post electoral period?

If by “orange revolution” we mean wearing orange neckties, similar attempts already happened during parliamentary elections, and today the “results” are evident: On one side we have a small circle of people who regulate their own popularity as “political figures”, and on the other side we have the estranged citizens.

From the very day when independence was declared, the number one question for us remains the formation of Sovereign Republic of Armenia, meaning deliverance from the status of a Russian outpost. Only after that can the normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations follow the solution of Nagorno Karabagh conflict, the solution of two essential problems for Armenia. There isn’t even a hint of a proposal toward that direction in the pre electoral processes.

That’s why now during any scenario in development of events, be it orange, pink or exclusively apricot, the word “revolution” will stay in quotes. In such a closed society as ours, with the absence of any protection of human rights and freedom press, the possibility of pressuring and repressions is always present. And I don’t think it’s possible to predict them by just observing the pre electoral process. Pressure and repressions in our republic are being organized by similar mode, just like meetings-demonstrations. And that is the “public - political” situation. The main problem is that innocent people become victims.

It’s only left to wish my compatriots, the estranged citizens, who are carrying on the role of extras on pre electoral scenario of meetings-gatherings-demonstrations, didn’t become objects for violence again.

Does the following address of the present leader of the Armenian government Robert Kocharyan: “ Levon Ter - Petrosyan’s love for Azerbaijan and his relation to that country carries a sickening character, and brings out many questions and doubts in my mind which have a very bad smell” speak about a concern of authorities over the growth of Levon Ter - Petrosyan’ popularity?

Once again I have made the decision to boycott the event called Elections, over the lack of possibility to choose as is, and I don’t elaborate the peripety of a verbal shootout, that substitutes the political processes. Pre electoral race for the best “patriot” - hater of Turks and Azerbaijanians - have become a tradition. That’s our trouble.

I have said it publicly on more than one occasion, that political activity, or inactivity of the current president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan to be exact, in the context of regulating the Nagorno Karabagh conflict, is a continuation of Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s politics. Levon Ter- Petrosyan who retired with the words “The party of the Peace suffered a loss”, today is actively arguing over glory of the victor in the Karabagh war, and the title of the best Russian ally. You cannot call that anything other then a warrior type of return of the “Peace” party. That’s our other trouble.

In that case, which one of the potential candidates for the presidential post of Armenia has the ability to bring Your country to bloom and solve the Nagorno - Karabgh conflict?

To expect any kind of changes in the context of the presidential elections, in the given case should only be if Levon Ter-Petrosyan, Raffi Hovanissyan and Vazgen Manukyan unite around Artur Bagdasaryan’s candidacy without any political deals. Only in that case it may be considered, that the political process can have any type of an influence on Armenia’s future.

As I said it earlier, the solution of the Nagorno - Karabagh conflict and the following Armenia’s bloom is possible only, if Armenia stops to be a Russian outpost. I am hoping that I am not the only one who realizes this necessity. I hope it’s clear that whatever I said doesn’t have anything in common with the longing to “change the Landlord” of your own country or to start a wave of Russophobia.

Akper Gasanov