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South Caucasus


Melissa Boz
Melissa Boz
student of
Yerevan State University
Master-klass of
Nursun Erel
One day when I was sitting in a cafe near by university, my friend Movses who is studying in journalism department, with knowing my interest in journalism and trying to share his knowledge with me came and told to me that journalists from foreign countries are going to come and have a workshop with students here and if I would like I could join them. With great interest I took the list and saw that Turkish and Azerbaijani journalists were going to come. They were going to discuss about the quality of Turkish press. With knowing Turkish press it was impossible for me not to join this workshop and also I have heard about Nursun Erel name before the idea of meeting her was exciting. Immediately I told my friend that I would like to join the lecture. He said it was also interesting for him too and we left to meet the next day in “Yerevan” hotel.

When I arrived the hotel I told my friend that I would like to meet with the journalists, but I didn’t know if that was possible. After all they were professional journalists and everything could pass formal. But everything happened just the opposite of what I thought. When Georgi Vanyan introduced me with them I saw three journalists who were listening to me with great interest. Furthermore I was taking the scent of my country that I was born and grew up. When the lecture ended I went near to Nursun Erel, she told me that there is no need to study in journalism department in the event of I want I could join them and after that we started working together.

Whole the week with being a journalist from Turkey Mrs Nursun naturally had to answer the questions about genocide. In this process I was always thinking about this question. How much Mrs. Nursun knew Armenia? How much she could learn about the culture, nature and the native Armenians. When I asked this to her she answered "Not really." Armenia shouldn't have been the country that genocide questions were given, Mrs Nursun must have knew here, forget her negative thoughts, live the beauty of this country, meet with the people here and feel the country herself.

However, she accepted my invitation with great delicacy. Even it was for a short time we were in Armenia's streets. When we went to jeweler bazaar people there didn't mislead me and just the opposite of my university rector they were so compassionate with her. They recognized her from television and they wanted to meet her. They told her that they found her honest and they said that they wanted to end this hatred between Turkey and Armenia and also asked her to peace-make for these two countries. Here is one of theirs words "Please when you return write good things about our nation, we love you, we want hatred ends. These words verified my mind. "This problem is between two countries."

Two culture, which is so close to each other. How two race which shares their cuisine, culture and people can hate from each other? When we were leaving there, there was a smile on Mrs Nursun's face, this made me happy too. After a short city tour the time was ended for our trip I didn't know what Mrs Nursun was thinking but I was feeling that she was pleased from the trip and I ended my day with the happiness of taking some knowledge from Mrs Nursun and having the opportunity of introducing my culture.

Melissa Boz