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South Caucasus


Nationality Human
THE «NATIONALITY - HUMAN» - will screen recent documentary films from different parts of the world in various cities and regions of the South Caucasus. Believing that the world is one and the language of cinema knows no borders, we think viewers in the Caucasus will be able to see themselves in the fates of people from other parts of the world, in their struggles for peace and justice. This is the first festival of its kind in the South Caucasus !

THE «NATIONALITY - HUMAN» - is non-competitive film festival. In our jury there are young film-makers, film critics and NGO activists from the South Caucasus, Germany and the Czech Republic. They have selected six recent documentaries of international reputation (from Israel, former Yugoslavia, France and the United States). Of these they composed a three-day programme.

THE «NATIONALITY - HUMAN» - is a festival “on wheels” – we will come to you with our mobile-cinema, bringing all the technical equipment needed for screening! (If we are unable to reach you by our cinemabus, we will find different means of transportation.)
Festival sponsors in South Caucasus: Heinrich Boell Foundation South Caucasus office, South Caucasus foundations of Open Society Institute’s (OSI) network, Eurasia Partnership Foundation (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia), the Embassy of Switzerland in Georgia


FESTIVAL was given birth to by a few miraculous people and those who believed them and stood by them.

FESTIVAL became a beginning of a path – a rocky and a difficult one, but in the same time a right and a humane one.

FESTIVAL became a symbol of South Caucasus relativity against all conflicts.

FESTIVAL united two important ideas: Peace and Human Rights.

WE remain un-free in South Caucasus, because we don’t tie peace and freedom between one another, and among that, peace and freedom are inseparable. Only with respect to individual rights and freedoms it’s possible to achieve peace in Caucasus.

WE are a unified region, and we are supposed to exchange with our concerns, pain, grief, speak, try to tell each other about what we feel, about what we understood and what we didn’t. Because conflicts start when we stop talking to each other. They start from proud silence filled with the belief that we know more than our neighbors.

A CITIZEN must become the active face of the festival. During the process of festival discussions, the demand in the peace, the demand which is conserved within each of our families, will be brought out into an open square and will be voiced on that square through an outsider citizen, a citizen which is the target of a conflict. We must form our social request for peace, and turn government and political officials into the performers of that order.

HERE our conversation has begun and let it continue.

Georgi Vanyan - director
Luiza Poghosyan - reporter
Irakli Chikhladze - journalist
South Caucasian Documentary Film Festival of Peace and Human Rights in Armenia implementing by Caucasus Center of Peace-Making Initiatives with support of Eurasia partnership foundation - Armenia and the American People through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)