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South Caucasus
Sarmat Parastaev

Sarmat Parastaev
South Ossetia

Was born 14.04.1966. in Tschinval, South Ossetian Autonomous Region.

My parents: father – Dr. Parastaev Inal, Urology branch manager in Hospital of South Ossetia; mother – Abaeva Zara, scientific officer (ethnography) of South Ossetian Research Institute.

I graduated school in 1989 in Tschinval, and at the same academic year entered Tbilisi Medical Collage, which graduated in 1989. Passed Internship (Registar) Courses in Tbilisi Hospital, began work (attending physician) in Hospital of South Ossetia. In 1993 I passed Specialization Courses in Botkin Hospital in Moscow. Since then, worked as surgeon of Urology branch in Hospital of South Ossetia.

Participated in Congresses of European Urological Association (1999, 2000 years), in Congresses of Urological Association of South Russia (2002). Simultaneously with my professional occupation, I took part in political actions: organized democratic Republican Party (1995-97), in Parliamentary elections, opposition bloc (2004), edited and published in independent newspaper “21Century”.

10.08.2007. I retired my medical practice in purpose to concentrate on public work, activate NGO “Association of Citisens”, where I preside. I’m married, have three children.